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Sauna Heating

6kw Stainless Steel Sauna Heater

Sauna Heating

Our sauna heaters are manufactured in North America, we use special surgical stainless steel both inside and outside to deliver long term satisfaction to our customers, (no pre-painted steel here).

Did you know that differenf grades of sauna heating elements are offered by different manufacturers? we use only the very best elements more expensive yes but the benefits are worth it this is why our suana heaters carry a life time Warranty.

Power Requirement: 30 amp

Heaters Available: 3KW or 6KW

Sauna Rocks

Sauna Heating

Our electric sauna heaters are shipped with special sauna rocks that are designrd to store the heat. Their large surface area provides very quick recovery while generating maximum steam.

Using Sauna Rocks

Sauna rocks rest on top of the heater and are essential to the sauna experience. Sauna rocks or stones are heated by the heater or stove.They hold the heat then create steam when water is poured over them.Your sauna manual or instruction guide will tell you how to best use your sauna rocks for the best effect.

Heater Controls

Sauna Heating

All our sauna heaters come standard with built-in heat controler and timer.

This is especially popular as bathers can set the temperature in the sauna without leaving. it also makes installation quick and easier

All you need to do when you require a sauna is turn on the controls to the temperature you require wait for 15 minutes and then enjoy your sauna.

If you haven't used a sauna before we would suggest that you gradually get used to the heat before turning the heater onto it's highest temperature

Wood Fired Sauna Heater

Sauna Heating

The wood fired sauna heater is the power house of all traditional finnish sauna heaters.It is the best type of heater for generating and retaining maximum heat and can heat much large areas than electric or infrared heaters.

It's large body of rocks allow it to produce large amounts of steam. It's only draw back that it is only suitable for exterior use only.

The glass door on the fire box provides a warm and pleasant ambience.It's very efficient and only requires wood to operate making it the most cost effective of the 3 types of heating.

Carbon Infrared Sauna Heating

Sauna Heating

Northern Lights Cedar Saunas has partnered with leading Korean based infrared heater manufacturers to provide one of the worlds finest infrared haters optimized for saunas.

The special formulated carbon-ceramic paper provides a higher temperature and superior radiant affeciency versus any other panel infrared heater on the market.

The large surface areas make these heaters ideal for sauna applications as they cover much more body surface area than any other style ceramic tube or incoloy element on the market.

The surface tenperature of 180-190 degrees provides wave lenghts between 4 and 14 microns.This frequency is considered to be the most effective wave spectrum for the human body.

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