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Sauna Installation

Cedar Hot Tubs UK offer a full delivery and installation service across the UK & Ireland.

We also offer a maintenance service to all our customers; this is normally carried out every six-twelve months.

Sauna Site Preparation:


1. Choosing where to place your sauna is most important and often overlooked. Things to consider are privacy, wind and sun direction & noise from traffic and neighbours.

2. Once you’ve chosen your preferred position, a patio paved area or 4” concrete base needs to be installed.

7' Sauna Base Footprint: 185 x 160cm

8' Sauna Base Footprint: 216 x 160cm

Power Requirements

A single phase 30 amp power supply with dedicated R.C.D (E.L.C.B) should be fitted close by the sauna.

Please note that all electrical connections must be carried out by licenced electrician

Installation Duration

  • A typical installation is 1-2 Days.

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