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Hot Tub Sizes

Hot Tub Sizes

Manufactured from 100% Canadian Clear Western Red Cedar. The standard height is 120cm.Thickness 3.8cm

Perfect for that ultimate soaking experience only a genuine hot tub can provide! No cold shoulders and yet more than enough leg space.

Available in 4 sizes: from 4 upto 10 persons.

142 cm Diameter 4 Person seating

165 cm Diameter 6 Person seating

188 cm Diameter 8 Person seating

214 cm Diameter 10 Person seating

Grade A vertical Grain western red Cedar

Seating All Round

Hot Tub Sizes

360° bench configuration with a raised section for safe entry. The exclusive height of the hot tub -120 cm- and large water mass provide a great uplifting effect. This ensures a free and relaxed posture at all times.

Shelves & skirting

Hot Tub Sizes

The cedar accessories provide a beautiful finish for your hot tub!

Most importantly they hide the plumbing for the jet system

For standalone configurations we offer stairs and pump enclosures, all in Western Red Cedar.

Cedar housing

Hot Tub Sizes

The cedar housing is designed to house all the elctronic equipment protecting them from the elements and over spill from the hot tub.

The housing is manufactured from the same staves as the hot tub 127mm wide x 38mm thick clear western red cedar.

Stainless Steel bands

Hot Tub Sizes

The stainless steel high grade bands come in 2 finishes, matt & brushed chrome shown in picture.

All metal parts, screws and band are stainless steel.

Band Measurements: 50mm x 3mm

Powerful hydro-air Massage Jets

Hot Tub Sizes

The warm water and the powerful adjustable hydro-air massage jets provide a complete and revitalising full body massage

All hot tubs come with 4 standard jets and can be upgarded to a maximum of 10 jets.

Jet Colur: Brown

Hot Tub Cover

Hot Tub Sizes

The insulating R14 & R21 hardcover is equipped with secure child locks and offers a static pressure resistance upto 200 kg! Choose from the standard version or the even thicker 'High Altitude'-version e.g. For use in Alpine regions.

R14 thickness 100mm | R21 127mm

Available in 8 different colours

Electrical Componants

Balboa Topside Control

Hot Tub Sizes

The Balboa LCD top control panel can easily be reached from inside or outside the hot provides accurate temperature control, and lets you activate massage jets,swith the interior light and set various filter cycles and opreration modes including ECO-mode.

Balboa Spa Heater

Hot Tub Sizes

No Head Aches-M7®

With the reliability engineered into Balboa's EL/GL and VS/GS series,our customers can rest easy.

Thanks to a combination of Balboa engineering and patened M7® technology, we now offer the highest componant reliability in the business-with fewer returns and longer life.

At Balboa, innovative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing go hand in hand to deliver a quality, cost effective product that will provide years of reliable, head-ache free.

Power: 3 KW

Power Supply:16-30 amp

The Workhorse

Hot Tub Sizes

The circulation pump combines the best ot two technologies-

the proven ability of the Ultima pump wet end and the dynamic WOW motor that revolutionized the bath market.

the high flow circulatin pump provides up to 67 gallons per minute flow while operating drawing only 1 amp-that's equivalent to the power need to illuminate a 100 watt bulb.

so you can be more sure your spa meets even the most stringent energy regulations while minimizing operation expenses for the owner.

Better Ozone

Hot Tub Sizes

GOOD- Ozone Ozone is natures cleanser and is 1000 times more powerful than chlorine in its ability to oxidize foreign matter including oils, and bacteria that can quickly form in a hot tub. It is the most effective sterilizer known to man, killing bacteria and viruses on contact.

For more information Please go to the hot tub drop down menue, chemical Free sanitzation.

Silver Water System

Hot Tub Sizes

Silver (Ag) ions kill over 650 types of bacteria, viruses, and Legionella Pneumophila (legionnaire’s disease) streptococcus, E-coli, salmonella, and most viruses. Silver has been successfully used in ailments such as acne, athlete’s foot, lesions, poison oak, rashes, septic ulcers, sun spots, skin cancer, warts and yeast infections.

Silver is also beneficial in treating minor bites, burns, wounds and scrapes.

In the ancient Greek civilization, the royalty used to drink from silver goblets and their water was stored in silver urns in order to purify their drinking water.

Today NASA uses Silver to purify water for astronauts. For more information please go to the hot tub drop down menue chemical free sanitization.

Sanitization & Filters

Approved Chemicals

Hot Tub Sizes

All hot tubs come with a starter chemical kit

There is a wide range of quality approved chemicals on our accessory page.

Please note that we don't use chlorine.

Hot Tub Filter

Hot Tub Sizes

C4950 Unicel C-4950 spa replacement filter 25 & 50 f Unicel-Rainbow inline 50 sq ft filter Replacement filter for most hot tub! ...

All spare filters can be found on our accessory page.

The filter will last up to 12 months if cleaned on a regular basis.

Hot Tub Pricing: and request price list.

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