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Hot Tub Heating

Hot Tub Heating

This electric heating system uses a Balboa digital 3 kW heaters (spa pack) and LED top side controller to accurately monitor water temperatures and filter cycles.

This system is ideal for customers that want a soaking style hot tub experience without having to frequently drain the water. The ultra-efficient 1/8 HP pumps quietly circulates the water through the 50 sq ft filter system.

Heat output can be 1.5kW on 110 VAC circuit or 3 kW on a 220 VAC circuit.They come sandard in 3 Kw configuation and can be combined with Aux 3 Kw Heater for 6 Kw total power output (require 40 Amp breaker).

All VS spa packs come standard with our VL403 LCD topside controller with has the best day/night time illumination

Wood Burning Heating

Hot Tub Heating

This Timber Line is precision built wood-burner water heater designed specifically for hot tubs.It circulates the water using the principal of thermosiphon (the pump action created by rising hot water),elimination the need for a circulating pump or electricity.

This unique feature opens up a whole new range of alternatives for hot you can have a basic soaking tub without pumps,chemicals or high maintanance.

We recommend the optional chofu filtration system for those people that want cleaner water without frequently draining the hot tub.

Chofu circulating filter system

Hot Tub Heating

REDUCES DRAINING! - This low amperage pump/filter system cleans and circulates the water, eliminating the need for frequent draining.

It's small industrial circulation pump draws less than 2 Amps, allowing it to plug into a normal outlet without blowing breakers. The 50 sq ft filter is washable and can be used over and over.

This system also automatically mixes the water to prevent temperature layering (top layer is hot and bottom layer is cold). Includes supply and suction wall fittings, isolation valves, 220 VAC pump, plumbing kit, and 50 sq ft filter.

This option allows the mineral ionizer to be used as an alternative sanitizer (purchased separately)

Wood Fired Hot Tub Pricing: and request wood fired hot tub price list.

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