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Hot Tub Health Benefits

Health benefits hot tubs,the health benefits of hydro therapy have been known for thousands of years. Hydromassage is a physical and mental experience, the heat, buoyancy and massage create a perfect environment that can be used to treat any number of ailments from arthritis to minor sports injuries.

Immersing your body in hot water raises the body temperature and causes the blood vessels to dilate. This results in increased circulation and produces endorphins, your own natural painkillers. It also helps to reduce blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. And the loss of 90% of bodyweight relieves pressure on joints and muscles, creating a relaxing sensation you cannot get in a normal bath or spa.

The massaging action comes from jets positioned in the side of the tub. These send a mixture of warm water and air through nozzles, gently massaging away your aches and stresses. Soaking in a hot swirling tub will leave you relaxed, mentally and physically. Twenty minutes in the morning can give you a fresh start, and a long soak before bed can give you a great night’s sleep.

There are other benefits in having a wooden hot tub

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a wood spa over a plastic or acylic hot tub:


In most cases, a quality wood hot tub will cost you less than a comparable acrylic or fiberglass reinforced plastic model with the same features.


A wooden hot tub made from cedar is a thing of beauty. The rich colors and grains in the wood are visually stunning and will look great.


Wooden hot tubs exude a pleasant, natural aroma when hot and wet. Cedar, in particular, provides a wonderful scent.

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