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Aqua Therapy Spas

 Aqua Therapy Spas

Aquatic therapy spas, Cedar Hot Tubs UK are a supplier of quality hand crafted aqua therapy rehabilitation spas, The largest, deepest aqua therapy hot tub on the market today, this spa stands 5’ tall and is 7’ diameter.

This cedar spa is so big that it can be easily used in a commercial setting as it can accommodate up to 10 large adult people in a seating arrangement or standing.

Our engineering department can help design a commercial spa for any type of use including; physical therapist, hotels, resorts & day spas. Call us today to discuss your needs.

Aquatic Therapy

This aquatic rehabilitation spa is designed for the more serious exercisers. Until now the hot tubs were limited in their ability to allow movement. The extra depth of this tub makes it ideal for aqua therapy. Yes “exercise” in a hot tub! Our specially designed aqua seat arrangements opens up the rest of the spa allowing a full range of aqua aerobics. Your entire body can float in this spa; it is even possible to do swimming exercises such as treading water.

Full Body Massage

The Aqua Therapy Centre has a unique 360 degree massage centre, this is a wall of jets specially designed to provide hydro massage from head to toe, because you are actually standing, you can massage your entire body including the front and sides. This is simply not possible in any other type of hot tub or plastic spa.

Assembly Anywhere

Another advantage of the Aqua therapy spa is that it can be installed in locations no other plastic tub or spa can. Imagine trying to fit a 5’ tall plastic spa into a fitness room in your house, you would literally have to tear open the house to get the tub in. the Aqua centre is built from clear western red cedar using our unique cooperage design, this means it quickly assembles as a kit. This tub can be installed anyware that has a minimum 7’ door height opening.

Indoor Installation

Because of the sheer water volume and the ability for indoor use, an optional 30 ml interior liner can be purchased for interior use. This means you won’t have to worry about any leaking that can occur when you first fill the hydro spa. Now it is completely safe to operate a wooden spa indoors! The liner has a full 10 year warranty. Of course the aqua therapy centre can be installed outdoors to.

Saltwater Spa Benefits

We have now added the option of mineral salt water. The soothing benefits of salt water spas have grown in popularity, in Europe people flock to the Mediterranean Sea for its natural healing benefits of salt water therapy. We are the 1st company to offer natural salt water therapy to our hydro spas. The extra buoyancy gained by saltwater further reduces the impact to exercise; bathers can literally float in salt water. The salt water system also provides a purely simplistic and natural bacteria control system without any hassle of continually adding chemicals. Using electrolysis salt water is naturally converted to chlorine and then back to salt without ever having to add chemicals.

Imagine adding all the benefits that salt water can provide into the complete aqua therapy spa.

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